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Building A Community

241875152_386194633096216_2848448940502671879_nWe discuss the lack of interaction on the WTTGS group and why we’d like to change that.

Sharing information and debating our current understanding of complex topics is how we learn, improve understanding and correct misconceptions.

Corn had the first informal get together with members of the group last week and had a great time discussing specific issues members are experiencing.


Ballistic Radio episode with Sarah Cade Hauptman

EGPSA Shotgun League


Magnum United Shooting Range


Magnum is now building practice stages every Wednesday, stop in on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday and get a chance to the stage multiple ways. Train, experiment, get better.


Join the group here for more information on #WTTGS Drill of the Month.

And again, a huge thank you to Zero Mike Bullets and FlatPack ALPHA for the prizes.


Be sure to contact Garrett or Sasha for a discount for ZM bullets!