Meet The Team

About the #WTTGS Crew

Corne van Driel

Poodle Dad | Corn
Host | Founder | Preditor
Poodle Dad brought the original idea to the table, made all the technical things happen to get recordings out to the world and continues to keep the lights on, bills paid and legalities in place.
Full Time Gig
Corn is the Chief Technology Officer at a young, fast growing company. Working to make complex things simple and the impossible well, possible.
Corne can be reached on his website,

Terrick Naude

Big T | T Bag

Host | Founder, May 2020
Big T has been a big part of the show from the very beginning, known for his strong opinions on shooting, defense and training. He makes up a large part of basically every episode.
T is a leading firearms instructor. If you'd like to have the full experience, get in contact with him.
T Bag can be reached at
Previous Members

Garrett-John Evans

Gazz | Gaylord
Host | Founder, May 2020
Garrett was part of #WTTGS from the very beginning. A truly phenomenal shooter with exceptional understanding of the shooting process.
Departure, March 2022
Garrett decided to focus more intently on his training for the IPSC worldshoot and will no longer be a regular part of the show. We wish Gazz all the best, he'll make us proud!
Gazz continues to make amazing products for the shooter. He can be found at DVC Tech