Greatest Moments - Welcome to the Gun Show

Episode 28

Greatest Moments

Published on: 2nd November, 2020

Today is a special episode to celebrate our 10 000th download.

The show has been going for just under six months, 4700+ unique listeners, 50 countries, 27 full episodes, 8 interviews, 9 Q&A shows, 42 total releases, 1200+ Facebook fans, 39 hours of content and three wacky hosts.

We hope you enjoy this episode, it’s some of our favourite show moments all put together in one massive pile of fun.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us by listening, sharing, interacting and asking questions.

And an extra special thanks to our amazing guests!

Aziza Scheidereiter

Kita Busse

Albert Wessels

Jay Beal

Austen Stockbridge

Jacques Wagner

Sasha-Lee du Plessis

Grant Chancellor-Maddison

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About the Podcast

Welcome to the Gun Show
A show about all things firearms, from a South African perspective
Hosted by three competitive shooters, all with vastly different experience.

We'll discuss competitive shooting, defensive shooting, guns, gear, training, maintenance and everything in between.

About your hosts

Corne van Driel

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I enjoy solving problems using skills acquired through years of hard work and consistent mistakes… but mostly mistakes.

Garrett-John Evans

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An avid handgun shooter focused in the IPSC Sports.
With some experience shooting AR'15's and shotguns.
Interested in guns workings and modifications, worked on a few and a Glock Armourer.

Terrick Naude

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Industry shill.
Preacher of the Gospelofthegauge
And I love dogs.