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Episode 16

Published on:

10th Aug 2020

First Time Gun Ownership

In this episode we cover the process of gaining competency, purchasing and licensing a firearm, essential equipment for first time carriers, training and some more.

Professional Firearms Trainers Council

Motivus Specialist Motivations and Appeals

Depression and Firearm Ownership

SAPS Firearm Enquiry

Every Day Carry - Guns and Stuff

Every Day Carry - Beyond the Gun

Firearm maintenance episode

Terrick has confirmed Handgun Fundamentals for the 12th of September and Concealed Carry for the 13th of September. Booking information will be out soon.

Reminder to email to get onto the list for our future bulk order of Smart Move by Kita Busse.

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About the Podcast

Welcome to the Gun Show
A show about all things firearms, from a South African perspective
Hosted by three competitive shooters, all with vastly different experience.

We'll discuss competitive shooting, defensive shooting, guns, gear, training, maintenance and everything in between.

About your hosts

Corne van Driel

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Just some internet weirdo you might see on the range.

Garrett-John Evans

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An avid handgun shooter focused in the IPSC Sports.
With some experience shooting AR'15's and shotguns.
Interested in guns workings and modifications, worked on a few and a Glock Armourer.

Terrick Naude

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Industry shill.
Preacher of the Gospelofthegauge
And I love dogs.